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Abosolut Bottles
The Absolut bottles were made for ads in stores. They range from 12 inches to 18 inches tall...
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Fake Apple
A Fake apple with a bed carved in it. It was part of a baby stroller made of real food used in a Gerber baby food ad.
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Cookie Puss & Fudgie the Whale
Cookie Puss and Fudgie puppets were made for a Carvel commercial. They were carved out of polyfoam and decorated...
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Fake Maple Seeds
Fake maple seeds made for a Poland Spring commercial.
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Into the Underworld
These are puppets made for my thesis film. The film was a twisted version of Alice in Wonderland.
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Pokemon Sculpture
This is a 3 foot tall Pokemon. It is carved foam with an aquaresin coating. The best part was sculpting with a chainsaw.
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Fake cat tail made of real rabbit fur. more >>
This Buddha was sculpted for a Giro bicycle helmets advertisement.
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Fake Dandelion
This is a fake dandelion made for an Oil of Olay television commercial. The seeds were made so they could detach when you blew on them. more >>
Fly Mask
This is a mask of the Fly from the 1958 horror movie.
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Nestea Snowman Billboard
This is a Nestea Snowman made for a billboard and for bus ads...
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Smirnoff Twisted Ads
These are resin castings meant to look like twisted glass for Smirnoff vodka ads. These pieces were sculpted in clay, molded and then cast in clear urethane.
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